"Over the past year GCP has been extremely responsive in support of our organization. Providing solutions, whether in the realm of medical equipment sourcing and procurement or service contracting, you have certainly been up to task. I especially appreciate the business rapport we’ve developed and your ability to efficiently address and mitigate any issues as they arise. Thank you for your support. I look forward to our continued partnership."

– U.S. Air Force


"No memorial service had more dignity or honor than this soldier's. It was preserved for generations only because Ms W. made it so. Aware of the policy and protocol to comply with this request, Ms. W ingeniously found a way to comply with the policy and requirements of such a request, yet still meet the needs of this family. Those who loved this soldier can view it with children who've yet to be born. They can not just tell the tale, but show the proof that their family and our nation can hold our heads up high and with dignity as we weep.

We are all the guardians of our ill and wounded here. This guardianship is not limited to the doctors, nurses and Corpsmen who work tirelessly around the clock. Everyone here does their part and does it without expectation of recognition. I just couldn't not thank you for being who you are, doing what you do, and being a part of something very big."

– U.S. Army


"The services that GCP has rendered our organization so far have been outstanding to say the least. GCP has provided the upmost professionalism in service to our organization with a can do attitude that has never been seen before. The business relationship between our organization and GCP is a very solid one with both organizations ensuring that the effort/s to meet each other's demands are constantly being fulfilled utilizing feedback that GCP provides, as well as direct interaction between our organization and GCP.  GCP’s recent timeliness in meeting our need for a logistics analyst within the organization was fulfilled within 24hrs.  This quick of a response in fulfilling a position within an organization is something that I have never seen before in my career. The professionalism, dedication, and commitment that GCP offers to its customers is truly commendable."

– U.S. Air Force


"Ms. G is an exceptional employee who always goes above and beyond the expectation set forth. She is flexible and always finds a way to improve the disability process internally. The departmental Process consists of three phases and all 3 phases of her cases combined exceeded the expectation by 50% which is the second highest in this Section. Ms. G is an excellent employee, who is always willing to help around the office, from answering questions and/or counseling Service Member's that are assigned to other area liaisons. She takes great pride in her job, always striving to find the most efficient and effective way to process her case."

– U.S. Army


"You are extremely professional and represent your company very well. I enjoy doing business with GCP."

– JTF CapMed


"Thank you, you all are awesome. I mean this sincerely and I hope you believe me when I say that GCP is by far the best contractor I have worked for."

Employee Mr. S

At GCP, We Pride Ourselves in Efficiency and Performance!

Our areas of expertise include both Personal and Non-personal Services in support of primarily Military and DoD Medical and Research Facilities.  Additionally, we provide a vast range of medical, scientific, and analytical equipment to support the Medical or Research Mission.