Core Capabilities - “ People and Products

At GCP, we pride ourselves on Efficiency and Performance!  As a Healthcare/Scientific and IT Solutions Provider, our areas of expertise include both Personal and Non-personal Services in support of primarily Military and DoD Medical and Research Facilities.  Additionally, we provide a vast range of medical, scientific, and analytical equipment to support the Medical or Research Mission. 

  • Direct Healthcare Services
  • Professional and Support Services
  • Medical Administrative Support Services
  • Medical Logistics/Supply Chain Management Services
  • Biomedical, Technical & Research Support Services
  • Concierge and Patient Support Services
  • IT/Information Management  – Software Development and Integration Services
  • Medical & Scientific Equipment, Instrumentation, and Products
  • IT Products and Systems
  • Ancillary Products which Support your Mission

Along with our Past Performance, GCP Can Offer You ...

  • Quick Placements
  • Competitive Rates
  • Employee Retention
  • Seamless Incumbent Transitioning
  • Team of dedicated Credentialing personnel
  • Extensive staffing resources in all 50 states
  • Team of specialized Healthcare, Medical, & IT Recruiters
  • Competitive Employee Compensation and High Retention
  • Professional and Courteous Client and Employee Relations
  • Human Resource and Project Managers with experience supporting SCA and non-SCA requirements     
  • Earnest commitment to work closely with the COR to effectively manage the contract
  • Prioritizing both Contract Performance and Employee Morale
  • Proper WAWF invoicing