About GCP

Corporate Overview

GCP, Inc. is a dynamic Healthcare/Scientific and IT Services and Solutions Firm. SBA-Certified in 2008 as an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business, GCP’s areas of expertise include both Personal and Non-personal Services: Direct Healthcare, Medical/Scientific Support, Professional and Administrative Support Services, and Healthcare IT & Integration Services.  

GCP has been providing IT and management system solutions to clients since its incorporation in 1997.  In 2009, GCP expanded and launched its Research & Biomedical Products Group, primarily to support U.S. Military Medicine and Public Health in the Federal marketplace by offering a full range of medical and scientific products and services, including direct healthcare, professional and support staffing, along with medical IT support, which is complementary to its traditional IT line of business.   GCP enjoys a tremendous business advantage in the Federal marketplace with its products and services offerings. Its vast range of medical, scientific, and analytical equipment offerings complement its service offerings in support of the Military Medical and Research Mission. These offerings along with an ardent level of customer service and satisfaction make GCP Inc. an attractive 8(a) Consolidated Resource to Federal Medical, Scientific, Laboratory, and Allied Health communities.

Looking for the Ideal Company to Fulfill your Services Needs?
As an 8(a) organization with extensive experience and past performance, GCP can be an invaluable acquisition and procurement resource to you for Non-Personal and Personal Services needs.

GCP would be an excellent firm to:

  • Fulfill your services requirements if you’re a DoD or Civilian agency program or contracting customer
  • Team with to jointly fulfill strategic DoD/Federal services requirements

GCP has a dedicated team of senior professionals and experienced staff that understand the needs of Federal Government acquisition and procurement professionals as well as the specific nature of requirements at various DoD and civilian agencies. This awareness allows GCP to be effectively responsive when needs arise.

GCP’s presence in the Federal marketplace has blossomed over the past few years by building a track record of delivering very successful client-specific Product and Services Solutions to its Federal and Commercial clients. Offering extensive experience facilitating and fulfilling an extensive range of Federal contracts, GCP continues to expand its myriad of relationships to meet the needs of customers in providing advanced acquisition and procurement solutions with earnest integrity – superior customer service, reliability, dependability and project coordination through execution and management. With a highly motivated staff, a breadth of professional skills and a focus on customer service with a commitment to excellence, GCP Inc. has become an invaluable resource for customers who want to retain the ideal contract employees, program/project experts, and equipment for maximum productivity and satisfaction.

Along with our Past Performance, GCP Can Offer You ...

  • Quick Placements
  • Competitive Rates
  • Employee Retention
  • Seamless Incumbent Transitioning
  • Team of dedicated Credentialing personnel
  • Extensive staffing resources in all 50 states
  • Team of specialized Healthcare, Medical, & IT Recruiters
  • Competitive Employee Compensation and High Retention
  • Professional and Courteous Client and Employee Relations
  • Human Resource and Project Managers with experience supporting SCA and non-SCA requirements     
  • Earnest commitment to work closely with the COR to effectively manage the contract
  • Prioritizing both Contract Performance and Employee Morale
  • Proper WAWF invoicing